A New Bible for Students

I received the new NIV Student Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid in exchange for my honest review. And it seems like a good one!

At the beginning of each book of the Bible, there are some helpful notes to introduce the book.

There are also helpful commentary notes on many pages in the form of a “guided tour.”

This running commentary does a great job of guiding the reader through the major themes and ideas of Scripture.

I find that the Bible is designed in a slightly fun, different way.

These design elements break things up a bit and give the reading experience a nice touch.

There are also cross references listed at the bottoms of the pages.

These can be super helpful in finding related passages of Scripture.

In the back of the Bible are several helpful maps, references, and definitions.

All in all, the Bible looks like it’s put together with a lot of care and thoughtfulness to help students get a lot from their Bible study.

You can purchase the NIV Student Bible on FaithGateway or Amazon (affiliate link).

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