The #1 Bible for Kids

The #1 Bible for Kids

I was sent the NASB Adventure Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. I’m honored to be able to review it!

It states right on the cover, “#1 Bible for Kids.” Of course, I can’t say for certain whether this is true or not, since I haven’t studied it in depth, nor reviewed every Bible for kids, and I’m definitely the authority on the issue. Nevertheless, I can say that this does appear to be a great Bible for kids.

First, it’s just a fun Bible to flip through. There’s a lot more color in this Bible than in your typical Bible. The colorful headings, illustrations, and occasional full-page Bible study materials add quite a bit to make this Bible enjoyable to look at.

Second, I appreciated the supplementary commentary notes scattered throughout the Bible. While they are certainly geared toward children, I found them to be very helpful in summarizing and teaching biblical truths.

Finally, and most importantly, I also appreciated the text of the Bible itself. The New American Standard Bible is perhaps one of the most accurate English Bible translations that we have today. While it’s sometime a bit “wooden” in how it’s written, it’s one of the best word-for-word translations.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this Bible to children, especially those who are looking for a Bible that will help them to study and grow in their knowledge of God’s word. The NASB Adventure Bible is a great tool!

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