Yet Another Bible to Choose From!

Yet Another Bible to Choose From!

I’m so grateful to the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid! I’ve received (for free) so many Bibles from them to read and review through this excellent program! Today I get to review the NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition.

There are so many options today when it comes to study Bibles. It’s really quite overwhelming. For someone who is looking to get a study Bible in order to be able to begin to dig a little deeper, it can feel like a difficult decision.

This NIV Study Bible is a solid choice. It contains many notes on every page, and I found the notes to be helpful in explaining some of the context of the passages I read. There are also many maps, cross references, and book summaries throughout the Bible.

Beyond that, I really don’t have much to say. It appears to be a good study Bible. It’s easy to read, and if you like the NIV, I’d say it’s a good choice!

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