A Simply Beautiful Bible

A Simply Beautiful Bible

I’m so grateful to Bible Gateway for giving me so many free Bibles in exchange for reviews! This really is a huge blessing as a pastor in a small town with a small budget. Not only am I able to enjoy newly released Bibles, but I’m able to pass them along to people who need them. Thank you, Bible Gateway!

This time, as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I’m happy to receive and review the NIV translation of the The Artisan Collection Bible for Girls.

Aside from my usual reservations about the NIV itself, I would definitely recommend this Bible to young girls. The cover is cutesy and the lined margins on the side of the text have plenty of room for one’s own notes.

In fact, there’s room on every single page to write. Other than the very small grammatical notes at the bottom of some of the pages, there aren’t any commentary or devotional notes in the Bible at all as far as I can see. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for in a Bible. I take it as a good thing. The text of Scripture itself is the focus, and the very presence of the lined margins encourage the reader to respond to the text.

If I had not just given my daughters Bibles, I would almost definitely have given one of them this one. It’s simple, functional, and beautiful. I like it!

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