A Great Bible for Study and Devotion!

A Great Bible for Study and Devotion!

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I’m happy to receive another Bible for free in exchange for a review! This time, it’s the ESV translation of the The Jesus Bible Artist Edition.

I love this one! I preach using the ESV because it’s a great balance between extremely literal and readable. So the translation itself is one that I regularly recommend.

But the notes throughout this edition are also extremely helpful. It’s called “The Jesus Bible” because most of the notes throughout the Bible intentionally show how the current passage relates to Jesus Himself. It reminds me a lot of The Jesus Storybook Bible in that way: every story whispers His name.

And there are a LOT of notes. For every 2-3 chapters of Scripture, there is a devotional note that goes along with it. And every few pages or so, there’s also a full page of commentary. And before every book, there’s also a good introduction to the book that, once again, directs the reader to Jesus.

While I haven’t read every note, I did read enough to know that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Bible to people who need to get a better understanding of how the whole Bible points to Jesus.

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