Mission Trip 2015, Day 3

Today has been very…wet. It rained quite a bit of the morning and afternoon. Most groups chugged right along, distributing VBS invitations for a local church, along with some general church information and the gospel of John. I had the privilege of being in such a group. We got a lot of exercise, and wished that we had some soap to go along with our shower.

But some of our construction teams which had been installing siding and painting the exterior of churches and parks had to find other projects to work on. But they found things to do! They went inside the church, painted room, washed windows, installed a baby changing station on the wall, and helped the church out with some technology improvements.

Our plans aren’t always God’s plans. Sometimes we need to be willing to scrap our plans to follow God’s plan. And sometimes we have no choice but to do so. But even then, we can choose to embrace it wholeheartedly, or complain about it every step of the way.

So even when it starts to rain on your plans, just keep on smiling. Maybe you’ve just entered into God’s plan.

(But we are praying for dryer weather tomorrow!)

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