How do they do it?

I see so many pastors who seem to really know what they’re doing. They seem to have a great ministry plan, a vision from God, and they passionately cast that vision before their churches, and their churches embrace that vision, and they reach many people for Christ.

Me? I’m just a mess.

Sometimes I feel passionate and confidant about a vision, but most of the time now I just feel overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed by all the expectations of ministry, and by my own failures, and by the great calling to which I am called, which I am wholly inadequate to serve in.

And so I wonder, how do they do it? How do others seem to minister and lead in such amazing ways, while I struggle just to keep my head above water?

But then I realize that none of us have it all together. We’re all saved by grace alone, through faith in Jesus. And we all receive strength to serve God through God when we make ourselves available to be used by Him.

So in a way, my feelings of inadequacy are a good thing. They remind me that life is not about me. If I felt like I had life under control, then I would not be relying on and seeking God.

God wants us to always remember that without Him, we are weak, but also that through Him, we are strong.

I think I definitely have room to grow in this area. I think I should probably be more confident in God’s power in me to do amazing things.

But for now, I simply thank God that in my weakness, God is shown to be strong.

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