Haiti Mission Trip Day 5

Today was fun.

After working on the wall in the morning and early afternoon, we joined the children at the children’s home on a giant slip-n-slide. It was just a large thick tarp, doubled on top of itself for extra thickness to keep from feeling any rocks below it, and then coated with soap and water on top. It was so much fun! We slid, and spun, and laughed, and got cooled off.

I’ve been picking up some Haitian Creole throughout the week. I can say “Mwen rele Chris” to introduce myself, and “Komon ou rele?” to ask someone’s name. I can say, “Komon ou ye?” to ask how someone is doing, then respond with “Ca va” or “Tres bien” or “Bon” when asked how I’m doing, to say that I’m doing good.

And it’s always nice to say “Bon gou” to compliment the cooks for the “good food” made for us.

But when we’re all just sliding around on the slip-n-slide, none of that is necessary. Laughter doesn’t have a language. It’s universal. When we play together, we all speak the same language.

I don’t have a spiritual point today. I just want to remind you to let down your guard often, and just play. Play with your spouse. Play with your kids. Play with the kids down the street. Don’t be so serious. Laugh, and have fun, because these things allow us all to connect in truly meaningful ways, without needing to say a word.

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