Pour Me Out

I learned a beautiful worship song in college that went like this. “Pour me out, as a drink offering. Lord, I come as a sacrifice. Pour me out, as a drink offering. Lord, I come to die.” It was such a beautiful song, and even though I haven’t heard it sung anywhere else since then, it’s stuck with me.

But I wonder, is that the cry of my heart?

Do I live my life as a sacrifice? Is it my desire to praise God with all of my life, even when it means giving up my life?

It’s one thing to sing a beautiful song, and to have an emotional experience because of a song or because of a church service, but it’s quite another thing to live it out day after day.

God isn’t calling us to go through the motions, or even to have some emotions, but to live as a sacrifice of praise to Him.

From the sermon, “Living as a Sacrifice of Praise,” delivered June 23, 2013.

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