What’s the Bible really all about?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Bible. Most who are critical of the Bible argue against it treating it as something that it was never meant to be in the first place. They argue that it makes scientific mistakes. They argue that it’s not accurate historically. They argue that it’s not internally consistent.

But the Bible isn’t a science manual. And the Bible isn’t meant to be read like a typical history textbook. And it’s not a philosophical handbook in which arguments are always laid out in a certain way.

The Bible certainly says a lot about science, history, and philosophy, and when it speaks to such things, is accurate, but we can’t force the Bible into a mold of how it should speak to each of these things, because speaking to things isn’t it’s primary purpose.

But the Bible is also not primarily about morality. The Bible is not primarily about how we should and shouldn’t live. It’s not primarily a guide to how to do what’s right and therefore please God.

The Bible is primarily about what God did and does. It’s not about what we should do, it’s about what God has done. It’s not about what we need to do to please God, it’s about what God has done because we couldn’t please Him.

Another way to put this: the Bible isn’t about our works, it’s about God’s grace.

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