I’m writing this from my iPad.

My church gave it to me for my birthday. I turned 30 years old a couple weeks ago, and my church surprised me at the end of a service with a 64 GB 3g enabled iPad.

I couldn’t believe it. I can still hardly believe it.

I never expected to be shown this level of generosity from my church. It seems like many pastors have a certain amount of tension between themselves and their congregations. But that just doesn’t exist at Grace Baptist. For some crazy reason, the church trusts me.

I certainly don’t deserve this. I’m extremely humbled by their gift.

I’ve been thinking through all the ways I can use my new iPad in ministry. I can’t see myself carrying it around as I preach (which seems like more of a distraction), but I am working on how to wirelessly control PowerPoint using it at the pulpit. I’ve also found it very useful as a planner, being able to update my google calendar and to do list from anywhere. I’ll probably switch my church website calendar to google calendars soon, too, in order to be able to update it easily from my iPad on the go as well.

There are so many possibilities!

More than the gift, though, I’m thankful for a church who loves me. I’m grateful to be given the privilege of serving alongside of them. I pray that we might together deliver God’s gift of grace to countless people in and around our community.

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