Book Review: my decrease for HIS INCREASE

my decrease for HIS INCREASEmy decrease for HIS INCREASE
by Preston Philpott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free limited edition signed copy of this book directly from the author himself. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Not only is the book about worship, it draws the reader into worship. My favorite quote from the book is this:

How many times have we thought to do something meaningful in the way of a letter, phone call, email, gift, etc., only to ignore the impulse long enough to have missed the opportunity? That is not to say that every ‘good-inkling’ that ever comes our way is to be followed. Rather…we should measure the merits of the act and proceed if everything seems to favor the magnification of Christ even at the expense of our diminishment.

A beautiful, challenging, worshipful thought!

By the way, the cover art was designed on top of graphics I had designed, thus the reason for the free book. 🙂

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